April 2020

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  • Premantura: XCM Kamenjak Rocky Trail
    Saturday, 04. April 2020. 00:00, Premantura
    XCM Kamenjak Rocky Trail

    MTB race

    The 24th edition of the legendary XCO race in Premantura brings you a traditional natural course through the MTB trails of the Gornji Kamenjak Protected Area through the Pines, Holly Oaks and Laurel woods located between Valun and Ščuza bay, Tašalera hill and Premantura village area. 4 km of pure technical xc pleasure , oh yes , there are also 190 m of total climb per lap included , some of them very technical….Enjoy !

    Info on www.rockytrails.bike , mail: info@rockytrails.bike  and Kamenjak Rocky Trails Facebook

  • Premantura: 8th XCM Kamenjak Rocky Trails UCI C3
    Sunday, 05. April 2020. 00:00, Premantura
    8th XCM Kamenjak Rocky Trails UCI C3

    MTB race

    As always the Kamenjak Rocky Trails Marathon race drives You through the protected area of the Nature Park of Gornji and Donji Kamenjak. Rocky trails , dirt singletracks, pine woods , beautiful sea views with hidden beauties of the most southern point of the Istrian peninsula…. breathtaking landscapes that asks for a lap more… of course, do not forget that it’s a race, at some moments technically demanding race… are You ready ?

    Info on www.rockytrails.bike , mail: info@rockytrails.bike and Kamenjak Rocky Trails Facebook

    As usual the MTB season opening in Croatia starts with the mountain bike days in Premantura, Istria. The Kamenjak Rocky Trails event includes two MTB races - XCO Kamenjak Rocky Trail Premantura UCI C1 and Kamenjak Rocky Trail XCM race. The event is open to Masters and Cycling for all categories in separate races. The South Istrian mild climate will allow you a pleasant stay during Your training sessions for the upcoming cycling season.

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